losing money

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losing money

Postby stefdza90 » 02 Feb 2009, 22:46

i'm playing demo version and i have a problem with tactic...

till week 30 i haven'y played any tournaments,just training on my own,without hiring any personel...
then i chose to play some futures and did a great job in doubles (2 tournaments won,2 semi finals) - in singles i've hardly even qualified...
before playing tournaments my conto was at around 2300$ and after was - 9000$ !!!!
ofocurse,i used the cheapest plane and such stuff...

what can i do to keep my conto positive?
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Re: losing money

Postby manutoo » 03 Feb 2009, 04:12


in the 2 first years, you'll have great trouble to keep your bank account positive, you can only try to not lose too much money.
Also, pick a sponsor at the very beginning, but for a short term contract (~6 months), and wait to win your 1st tournament (or reach at least the semis) to sign your next sponsor contract...
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