Difficulty Level

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Difficulty Level

Postby Guest » 18 Jan 2009, 12:49

Hey there!

I've got a stupid question: what is the highest level of difficulty in the game?

Re: Difficulty Level

Postby Mannboy » 18 Jan 2009, 20:48

hello! its "incredible"

for some reason everytime i go back on to the game, the difficulty level resets itself to incredible?? :?

Re: Difficulty Level

Postby Guest » 16 Jun 2009, 16:06

And where do I select the difficulty level?
I just can't find the button...

Re: Difficulty Level

Postby manutoo » 17 Jun 2009, 06:16

It's in "Hire & Buy", the "Coach Info" tab, on the 3rd line there's the "Difficulty Level"...
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