Illegal file found: Libcurl.dll

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Illegal file found: Libcurl.dll

Postby Concerned Costumer » 10 Jan 2009, 05:14

I was about to open my Tennis Elbow Manager and start on a new career before my curiosity took place and i decided to google libcurl.dll. The results are as follows:

Libcurl.dll is Spyware.IMonitorPCPro.
Spyware.IMonitorPCPro is a spyware program that records keystrokes and conversations from instant messaging clients. It also captures screen shots which are sent to a remote user.

This is illegal, especially since we have NO idea that it is going on. I demand a reply.
Concerned Costumer

Re: Illegal file found: Libcurl.dll

Postby manutoo » 10 Jan 2009, 06:21


I'm not sure on what website u saw this, but it isn't very good... :?

Maybe there's really a dangerous Libcurl.dll around, but there's also a very useful Libcurl.dll which is not a spyware and which is the one I'm using.
It's open source, and you can download it from there :

It's a library that allows to easily access Internet. I use it to load a page on to check if there's a new version available for download.

I guess you could use to scan the file on your PC, if you want to be sure it's not dangerous...
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