a few changes to the doubles?

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a few changes to the doubles?

Postby Mannboy » 07 Sep 2008, 16:36

hi :)

usually the bryan brothers always play together in atp, but in this game they have different partners. The same with the william sisters too.

Plus the bryan brothers hardly ever play singles (this might have been changed now, as its been a while since they have played singles) But in wta you have the likes of liziel huber (doubles specialist) getting to the semi finals of wimbledon in singles. :?

Is there going to be mixed doubles in the next update too? :D

Re: a few changes to the doubles?

Postby Curtis » 09 Sep 2008, 17:05

Mannboy wrote:Is there going to be mixed doubles in the next update too?

I am sure not in the update, because it would require too many changes, but I am hoping for it in the second full edition of the game.

I also would like to see long term (if not permanent) partners among the AI players in doubles. There seems to be some sort of bias towards this in the game now, since some WTA doubles teams show up repeatedly.

Would it be possible to code that when two players of around the same skill level (and therefore eligible to the same tournaments) who have the same level of doubles enthusiasm randomly find themselves paired together they then become 'locked' and always appear together until such time as their skill levels are no longer close? (This could also be done based upon singles ranking rather than skill levels, but I see many players with good rankings and very bad skills. It makes me wonder how they earned their good ranking. :roll: )

This would make teams of doubles specialists more common, while teams of people with low doubles enthusiasm would rarely remain together. (Their skill levels would more rapidly drift apart, and they would play less doubles to begin with.) It would also reduce the number of teams that have one excellant and one very bad player, which I complained about in an older thread. :wink: Those teams would not lock together and so would drift apart after each tournament.

You may already be doing this, but you could also use doubles enthusiasm to determine how frequently a person plays doubles vs. singles. If the doubles bar is all the way to the left, they always play singles and only play doubles in 20% of their tournaments — generally the most prestigous ones. If it is all the way to the right they always play doubles and only play singles in 20%. As the bar moves from left to right the proportions would change to 80/40, 60/60, 40/80 with the 20% overlap in each case representing the richest tournaments.

When a team becomes 'locked', then when determining randomly which players appear in which tournament the game engine would roll first for the locked pairs, and then later to fill in the remaining slots with unpaired players. Whenever a locked team appears in a tournament both players do the same thing (ie. both play doubles as a team, both play singles, or both play both).

For a little more variety you could add another heirarchy of random rolls by having the game engine first roll for each locked team to see if they will be playing singles or doubles that week. If doubles they apply to the same tournament using their doubles ranking to determine which tournament. If singles they are then free to apply to seperate tournaments using their singles rankings to determine which ones.

As for which tournaments are the most prestigous, for players ranked in the top 240 those would be the majors, the two rich American tournaments (Miami and Indian Wells?) and the Masters. (I have not yet appeared in a Masters, so I do not know if they even have doubles. :oops: ) For players with worse rankings there may not be any equivalents, so you could just say that if the game engine roll is 1-20 they play both singles and doubles that week, if it is 21- 'x' they play just doubles, and if it is 'x'-100 they play just singles.

Well, that was long, but hopefully understandable. It might be too complex to add in an update, but would seem very workable for the next full version.

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