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men handsoff

Postby Ibarrategui » 03 Sep 2008, 08:51


As you know, I've tried to improve the wta files. But the atp one do not satisfy me : Agassi is too weak, Sampras, Rafter and Edberg are too strong in FO, 2008 season needs an improvement, the mad lifters of the 90's (Bruguera, Berasategui, Muster, Costa, Corretja, Kuerten) are underrated and inable to win FO oftently (you know FO semis with Bruguera/Sampras and Muster/Edberg => final must be Bruguera/Muster, but in this game, you will have Sampras/Edberg).

I've tried to improve men's results. Now, Agassi wins 7-10 slams and is really dangerous in 1990-92, 1994-95 and 1999-2002. I changed some playing valors of him, and he is really more impressive than before. Sampras is better in grass now (in my handsoff, he wins now 4-6 Wimbledon) - in one handsoff he wins his last slam in... Us Open 2002 against Agassi!!!

I've tried to prevent some doubles players like Bryan's, Hanley, Ram, Pate, Michibata or Visser to enter in slams (they are too strong when they go in slam) => their doubles coeff is up to 0.95 now!

But I have always a problem with Sampras who wins FO too often.

I think that a clay love coeff and a grass love coeff will be very interesting in this game. I will put Sampras at 0.85 for grass love and -0.75 for clay love... I will put Muster at 1 for clay love and - 1 for grass love...

Manu, do you think it is possible to create this coeff?
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court stakhanovite
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Postby manutoo » 05 Sep 2008, 12:11


1- "handsoff" means nothing ;)
I guess you mean "Mod", or "Customization"...

2- I don't want to add a "Surface" attribute to the players, I really prefer that their effectiveness on surfaces to be dependent of their skills.

The main reason is that it is important for the game to be well balanced.
If you player can beat someone coz he doesn't like the surface but has exactly the same skills than you, it's not good.
And if you also have surface preference for ur player, it'll limit the possibilities too much.

So I already tried to do more tuning about this, mainly using the Top Spin skill, and I got better results... But I don't want to use the Top Spin skill just by itself, so I'll try to do something a bit more subtle, but I have to think more about it for a while...

I also lowered a bit the service importance on clay, & raised the stamina importance...
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Postby Ibarrategui » 05 Sep 2008, 12:24

1/ A hands off is a game which I do not play with emily bouvier or marc limon. it's only a "simulating game" which permit to see how realistic could be the atp or wta player file

2/ Ok, I still lower or increase these skills to have realistic results.
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court stakhanovite
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Postby Curtis » 05 Sep 2008, 12:25

I am sure Ibarrategui wil explain, but I believe 'handsoff' means that he is not managing any players. He is just letting the game run itself. (I hope I am right.)

Postby Ibarrategui » 05 Sep 2008, 12:26

Yes. In strategical simulations games, "cheating" with "handsoff" allow you to run game without playing.
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court stakhanovite
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