Getting my players "over the hump"

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Getting my players "over the hump"

Postby Ronald » 06 Nov 2013, 02:19


I have now done 3 separate full careers with 3 very different players. In each I could not get my players past a certain point. They were all 3 the best when they were 18-20 and then good again from 28-31. In between they hit lulls. They were good but were around 12-25 in the rankings and no real threat to the top guys. In all 3 careers the bestI did at a slam was the semifinal and the career high ranking I got was #6. That is very good but I cannot figure out how to get them to be top 5 and win slams. They are all eventually surpassed by the up and coming new players. I have only been able to win 2 1000 events in all 3 careers. I have played with a varied, a puncher and a power baselined and all 3 had the same type of career.

I am just wondering what I need to do to boost my players to greatness. Thank You for your help.

Re: Getting my players "over the hump"

Postby manutoo » 06 Nov 2013, 04:35


1 common mistake is to play too much tournaments in the year, not allowing enough time for training... Also, you should choose your tournament to give you a chance to win some lower ones before you reach the Top 5, so you'll get plenty of XP.
Plus you need to get the best trainers.

Alternatively, you could lower the difficulty level... :P
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