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Manager stories

Postby Ufiors » 14 Sep 2013, 13:54

new career for me: Now i'm coaching Rafael Nadal (8 GS, 30 MS, 3DC, 79 titles and 5 YE no. 1)!! After the knee injury he's returned in a great shape in 2013, he won 7 titles, and 4 of them were Masters 1000 (Indian Wells, Rome, Madrid, Cincy). Now he's ranked at no. 3 behind Roger and Novak:
Top 5 rank
1. Federer 13800
2. Djokovic 6980
3. Nadal 6800
4. Murray 4545
5. Inser 4185

He split up with Toni after the wins in Cincy "It's time to change i think. I thanks Toni for all he did for me during this years, he will be always in my heart, he's family. Now i'm very motivated for this new chapther of my career. We'll see how it goes".
New Rafael Nadal's coach is JOHNNY MAC!! Shocking news before the USO. "I think Rafa can win still a lot" said Mcenroe "i have faith in him. This year's results are amazing, but for him was a great shock to lost in the Roland Garros quarter-finals against Matosevic. We hope to play a great USO"


The USO begins, Rafa is in Federer's half (they met 4 times this year, Rafa leads 3-1. 21-21 overall :whistle:)

R1 Paire FRA 7-6 6-4 6-1
R2 Conrad Heuey PHL 6-2 6-7 6-4 7-5
R3 Donskoy RUS 6-1 6-2 6-4 (great win! regenge for the loss in Wimbledon!)
R4 Gulbis LAT 6-4 3-6 6-3 7-5 (tough match, Gulbis in great shape, but Rafa gains confidence)
QF Brunstrom (27) SWE 6-3 7-5 6-2 (easy match, still don't kwow how he's arrived in quarters.. very bad player.. the iron draw continues :) )
SF Federer (1) 5-7 6-2 3-6 5-7 (Great year for Federer, he's gonna realize the CYGS beating Djokovic in the final.. no chance for Rafa on his surface)

Image "this was a good tournament for me. Roger this year is impressive, he deserved to realize the Grand Slam"

After a week of rest (Spain didn't play the Davis Cup semifinals) Rafael is ready for another torunament: Metz.
Top seed in Metz: 1. Rafa 2. Murray 3. Nishikori 4. Tomic.
Rafael after some practices with Nabandian and Ferrer is ready to win the 8th title of the season.


R2 Monfils FRA 4-6 6-3 6-3 (first set very difficult, but Rafa take confidence early with the new surface. Good win, a tricky first match against a former top player)
QF Anderson ZAF 6-3 6-4
SF Tomic (4) AUS 4-6 6-7 (Tomic is very good indoor, great season for him, now he's world number 7. Rafa need to improve in the Asian swing, sure things will be better there)

Week of rest, then return on court in Beijing in a very good shape, where Rafa still hasn't won yet. Gulbis will be the seeded No. 2 after our hero... 1st round against La monf.. it will be tought.. "I hope to win the tournament, i think i can do it because i'm fit. Anyway i look forward only for the first round, i know my opponent is tricky".


R1 Monfils FRA 6-7 7-6 6-0 (Second set tiebreak is the tourning point, after that, Rafa is unstoppable. Great match, very happy)
R2 Gil POR 6-1 5-7 6-1 (great second set from Frederico.. but Rafa is always in control of the match)
QF Gasquet FRA (5) 7-6 6-4 (Solid match against a opponent that is 0-13 in the H2H..)
SF Raonic CAN (3) 7-6 5-7 7-5 (Rafa chockes on 5-3 in the thid.. Raonic umpleable on his seve before the third set.. Great win, first final with Johnny Mac! :mrgreen: )
F Gublis LVA (2) 6-3 6-3 (best match of the tournament for Rafa. 1st title with the new coach.. great feeling with the surface.. :dance: )


500 points, and some good prize money for Rafael.. Roger took the Tokyo title in the same week.. he's amazing this year.. but Rafa retain the No. 2 spot from Novak! 2nd seed than in Shangai (Novak won't play btw..)


R1 Bye
R2 Niland IRL 6-4 3-6 6-1 (surpising performance from the Irish.. but he can't play three set in this way.. Rafa wins then)
R3 Kohlschreiber DEU 6-4 6-2 (great performance, very good fohrehand from the Bull.. News: Roger withdraws from the tournament before facing Cilic.. good chance for win the title so)
QF Klizan SVK 6-3 3-6 6-7 (blockbuster match.. Rafa plays great with the outsider of the year, he has a mp in the tiebreak.. but he lost the match.. :mad:)

Matosevic wins the tournament :eek: beating Delpo in the final.. Great chance missed then.. Next up will be Stockholm next week.. Rafa won there in 2011, he want to retain his title..

Race rank top 5:
1 Federer 12390
2 Nadal 8200
3 Djokovic 6020
4 Delpo 4220
5 Murray 3925

Mcenroe words "Rafa has played in a great way in Asia. If he can keep this form until the end of the season i think he will have a chance to retain the No. 1 after Melbourne, this year he didn't play there so he has no point to defend. It is difficult to be higher than No. 2 now, Federer this year has been impressive, the Grand Slam is an amazing archivement. If he's the best ever? Before this year i wasn't sure.. but now i think definitely he is, this is "good" for Rafa, winning in his era is twice harder".

Season last tournaments

1R Bye
2R Lindstedt SWE 6-2 6-1 (easy match.. Lindstedt is outside the top 300...)
QF Mahut FRA 3-6 6-4 5-7 (Nicolas in great shape unluckyly.. he could have win the match in two sets..:()

Djokovic is in the Rafa's half.. Federer is the favourite, but we'll see..

R1 Bye
R2 Anderson KAF 6-2 7-5 (yes, good performance on this fast surface against a great serve like him! very very happy)
R3 Berdych CZE 1-6 6-3 6-7 (we're very sad... Rafa was a break up in the third.. bad end of the season it seems, losing against a player who is now No. 50 after a disgusting season..)

"I need a good result at the World Tour finals, my goal was to play there, i'm happy for this.. the surface is not the perfect for me but i will try to do my best as ever. The work with Mac? It's great to have such a former player like him, he knows what i feel right now, he know that i need a good result"
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Re: Manager stories

Postby Ufiors » 14 Sep 2013, 14:28


1 Federer
2 Nadal
3 Djokovic
4 Del Potro
5 Murray
6 Tomic
7 Gulbis
8 Matosevic

Showdown begins! World Tour finals are a tough challenge for Rafa, he reached to the final only one time, in 2006 (losing in 5 sets against Federer). His win/loss score there is 13/13.. very bad..
"I want to do well in this tournament. The season for me has been amazing, winning 4 Masters 1000 is crazy for me. My group? It is very hard, but we're in the Masters Cup, we're the best players in the world, it's impossible to have an easy draw".

RR Gulbis LVA (7) 6-7 6-4 3-6 (beautiful match against Gublis, fresh winner of the Paris M1000.. He's a great player on this surface, Rafa did the 100%.. I'm happy with him anyway)
RR Tomic AUS (6) 6-7 7-6 5-7 (another tough loss... Rafa almost out of the tournament.. :sweat: )
RR Del Potro ARG (4) 4-6 7-5 6-3 (a match similar to the other, great win, spectacular match but not useful, Rafa is out)

Spain faces Israel for a place in the 2014 World Group. Rafa and his team want it very bad. The tie will be on clay in Isreal, and it will be the last event of the 2013 season of Rafael Nadal.

R1 Sela ISR 6-2 6-0 6-3 (on clay Sela doesn't stand a chance, beautiful to see Rafa playing in "his" surface, Spain leads 2-0)
R2 Ram ISR 6-2 6-2 6-1 (match very similar at the previous one, Rafa always in control, great shots and consitance. Spain is in the World Group 2014)

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Re: Manager stories

Postby Ufiors » 15 Sep 2013, 11:56


We decided to start the new season playing Doha, wich has a good entry list: Novak, Delpo, Matosevic.. it will be intersting to see how is the forhand of Rafa, improved this winter.

1R Young USA 4-6 6-0 7-5
2R Fish USA 6-3 4-6 6-3
QF Kutzetsov RUS 6-4 6-7 7-5
SF F. Mayer DEU 6-2 6-2 (great match, now Djokovic! 8-))
F Djokovic SRB (2) 7-6 6-4 (Vamos Campeon! First tournament of the year and first victory.. great start of the season! :applause: )


After the great victory in the Doha 250, Rafa will play in Sydney too. The rich Australian tournament host great champions like the past year (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Tomic..), it will be a mini-Australian Open :P , very useful to test our champ conditions!

Recent past winners:
2007 Djokovic
2008 Blake
2009 Mathieu
2010 Nadal
2011 Roddick
2012 Almagro
2013 Simon

"I'm very happy about the way i played in Doha, the new-line Syntetyc is a different surface, i hope to adapt my game on it very quickly. MY goal? Now my goal is to do well here, i can't pick a result, and after i will try to do my best again in Melbourne for the AO"

1R Bye
2R Andujar ESP 6-2 6-4 (great power and mobility from Rafa, the streak continues)
QF Isner USA (7) 2-6 4-6 (tremendous match from Isner, what a beast this week, he has won the tournament in fact.. Rafa didn't play so good, this is the positive news at least, we can for sure improve in Melbourne)

The first Grand Slam of the season in about to start, World No. 1 Federer, Djokovic (recordman and multi-time winner, '07, '09, '10, '11, '12) and Rafael Nadal (two times winner, he didn't play last year) are the favourites, but who know what will happen this year. Fans, let's answer the question!

The Draw: Rafa is in the Novak's half, with Murray, Isner, Gulbis and Simon, the highest seeded players, so it will be a very hard way to the final. In the top half: Federer, Tomic, Nishikori, Matosevic, Del Potro.

Doubles: Rafa entred in doubles competition too, he plays with his friend Nishikori, they are seeded No. 10.. It will be good to play some more matches for know better the surface.

So the tournament starts!

1R Fognini ITA 6-3 6-2 6-3
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Re: Manager stories

Postby Ufiors » 16 Sep 2013, 14:47

2R Wawrinka SUI 6-2 6-4 6-4 (solid performance from Rafa, Breaking News: Fed is out of the tournament)
3R Nalbandian ARG (30) 6-2 7-6 6-2 (vamos! i was scared but Rafa seems very fit in this start of season, keep going!)
4R Simon FRA (13) 6-3 6-4 7-5 ( :bounce:)
QF Kutznetsov RUS (26) 6-3 5-2 RET (he was injuried, the match was already in control, at the end of the second he decided to give up)
SF Klizan SVK (23) 3-6 4-6 5-7 (Klizan is playing great, he won the tournament in fact.. hope he will slow down, now he's a virtual top 3 player :shock:)


Doubles: (with Nishikori)
F Bryan/Bryan 5-7 6-1 3-6 (Rafa reached in the doubles final, very good run from him..)

Australian Open is over, Rafa played a good tennis yes, but i can not be a little disappointed, we are waiting clay! :cry:
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