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Sponsor advantages

Postby Curtis » 17 Jun 2008, 18:58

I have been such a pest that I am sorry to bring this up. Someone else posted about this months ago. I have just spent some time searching, but I can not find the original.

They complained that players were not receiving their sponsor advantages, such as half-price air fare or half-price lodging. This also seems to be the case with my players. At least, I have noticed that when the 'Emily Bouvier travelling from France to Berlin' page comes up, the prices that are quoted are the full price.

1) Is it possible that the problem is with this display page, and only half of the displayed price is being charged?

2) What is the advantage supposed to be from sponsors who provide you with equipment? Which expense does it reduce?

Postby manutoo » 18 Jun 2008, 07:25

Hello Curtis,

1) my guess would be that you didn't notice the total cost include the coach...

2) Believe it or not, but it removes the equipment expense ! ;) (which is listed in the accounting screen)
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