a tournament entry bug : trouble with 2-week tournaments

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a tournament entry bug : trouble with 2-week tournaments

Postby Curtis » 05 May 2008, 07:35

I just finished my last demo game with your April edition of the game. One more odd thing happened.

I had two players who were entered in a two week long tournament. Assuming they would exit early (which they did), I also entered them in a Challenger tournament that took place during the second week, and another big tournament for the week after that. When the week of the Challenger tournament arrived I was asked whether I wanted these two players to participate in the qualifying tournament for the second big tournament. I clicked that I did. They didn't. They also did not go to the Challenger; they just stayed in training camp all week. When the end of the week rolled around, I received notification that both of them had been given wild cards into the second big tournament 'because of their good play' that week. Of course, they had not played anywhere that week, and had played very poorly the week before that (both going out in the first round).

I just thought you would like to know. :wink:

Postby manutoo » 05 May 2008, 08:48

Oups, I already known about this trouble, but completely forgot to fix it..! :?

It should not be possible to register on the 2nd week of a tournament, coz the game engine can't keep track of 2 tournament results for the same week (both in the game & real life, even if you lose on 1st week, the points are given on the 2nd week)
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Postby Curtis » 07 May 2008, 05:07

That makes perfect sense. If you do make that change in the next build, there are two other things I would like to request, though they might not be possible until the next major version.

First, when a player is injured for several weeks, I would appreciate it if those weeks were 'greyed out' for that player (as the next three weeks are for all players) so that I could not enter them into tournaments they no chance of playing in. I realize that injuries often stretch longer than expected, especially if the player trains while injured, but I have not yet seen anyone heal early.

The second would be more difficult to program, and may not even be possible. In the game at the present time, if a player is signed up to play in a tournament the same week as a qualifying tournament, and the program asks me if I want that player to go to the qualifying tournament, no matter what I click on the player goes to the regular tournament instead. If she goes out in an early round she MIGHT be then redirected to the qualifier, but most often she just misses out.

If I click that I want the player to go to the qualifier, she EITHER should go directly there (dropping out of the regular tournament before the first round), OR she should go to the regular tournament and drop out at the last possible moment to make it to the qualifier with no practice time left before her first match. I would prefer the second option, but either would be preferable to the way it works now.


As a separate issue, when a player fails to qualify for a tournament or goes out in the first round, I do not think she should get one of those 'due to your play this week you have earned a wild card into next week's tournament' notices.

On the other hand, since Futures tournaments are often held at the same site in consecutive weeks, it makes sense to me that I could be participating in (for example) the Spain I doubles tournament and the qualifiers for the Spain II singles tournament at the same time. So if Pauline qualifies in both singles and doubles for Spain I, but is defeated in the first round in singles, instead of receiving the 'because you played so well' message, she continues to advance in the doubles tournament and starts over in the Spain II singles qualifier at the same time. If Pauline went out in the second (or later) round, I could hardly object to receiving the 'because you played well' message.

If the next week's tournament is at a different site (Italy III following Spain IV, for example), and Pauline goes out in the first round or fails to qualify in singles in Spain IV, but continues to advance in doubles, she should just be out of luck for the Italy III tournament (unless you implement the second request, above the asterisks :wink: ).

Advancement is very rapid in this game, and being allowed to play in tournaments you are not good enough to qualify for really is not necessary. :)

wild cards

Postby Curtis » 07 May 2008, 05:37

This talk of wild cards made me think of something else. When a computer player is allowed into a tournament with a Wild Card, she receives a 'WC' in front of her name on the seeding chart, but when one of my players is allowed into a tournament with a Wild Card, there is no 'WC'. I would like it if my players also received the 'WC' notation. :(

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