game froze upon firing trainer

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game froze upon firing trainer

Postby Curtis » 17 Apr 2008, 05:51

You are probably getting tired of hearing from me, but something else just happened that should not have anything to do with openGL.

I have started another demo game, this time on the Masters' level. It is the end of turn 16, and I have three players and two assistants. One of the assistants is not earning his keep (an issue I will deal with in the next paragraph), so I tried to fire him. I could not find a way to fire him through the team screen, so I went to the hiring screen, and there found the way. I clicked on him, then verified that I really did want to fire him when the next window opened. Instead of getting a message that he had been fired, the message was that he quit because no one was available to pay his salary. And at that point the screen locked up. I've repeatedly tried both left-clicking and right-clicking all over the screen, but nothing happens. The cursor does move, but nothing beeps. If I have to force-quit out of the game, will I lose the last week? (I would hate that, because I won both doubles tournaments and two of the three singles tournaments entered.) If I don't force-quit, what are my options?

The reason I was trying to fire him was because I couldn't take him along on trips. I THOUGHT what I describe next had worked in previous games, but perhaps I am not remembering correctly.

Two of my players were in debt, and one was making money, so I hired an assistant, put him on the payroll of the player who was making money, did NOT select for him to travel with that player, but instead with one of the poor ones. When I selected to travel with player two, the game automatically put him on her payroll, which didn't make sense to me, since I couldn't put him on her payroll moments before. The next week both players left the training center, but the assistant left with the one who had money, NOT the one he was selected to travel with.

I tried again, hiring another assistant. Again, even though player two was far in debt, the game allowed me to select him to travel with her (and again put him on her payroll, along with the rich player's payroll). This time, when player two left the training center, the assistant did not go with her, even though there was no one left to train and no one else to travel with.

I could swear this worked last game. Is there any way to get a trainer to travel with a player who is in debt?

Postby manutoo » 17 Apr 2008, 13:55

Hello Curtis,

bug reports are good, they greatly help me to remove bugs from the bug, so don't hesitate to go on with the reporting ! ;)
(although, I'd have preferred if you had an Intel Mac, so I could have looked into your saved games... :roll: )

So, I fixed the problem of the travel button ; now, it's not possible to click on it when the player doesn't have enough money.

To fire a trainer from the Team screen, you just need to click on the "Pay" button for all players paying this trainer.

Once your player doesn't have cash anymore, Team members won't travel with him.

Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce the bug leading to "no one was available to pay his salary" message & hanging...

To avoid force-quit, if you are in windowed mode, use the system menu to quit the game.
If you're in fullscreen mode, maybe use apple+q or something like that (on Windows, it would be Alt+F4).
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