Some additions i would like to see!

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Some additions i would like to see!

Postby Mannboy » 02 Apr 2008, 13:43

hey great game as you know, but ive made a list of what could be even cooler for the game!

.mixed doubles at grand slams would be good!

.rain delays during matches (a little silly, but would be more realistic!)

. if you want to be really specific, have the points aswell as showing the games during a match (it would be cool to know if we saved or had match points in a match.)

. Have final set match tiebreaks in doubles as they do now.

. At the US Open u have a final set tiebreak, not carrying on in games

. In the womens game, the end of year champs final is only played in the best of 3 sets

I had a few more but cant think of them right now, but if i remember, ill post them in here:).

Thanks for the great game!

Postby Guest » 02 Apr 2008, 17:39

If there is an update...

i would like to see

olympics every 4 years

the US open series ranking and money system

mixed doubles

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