Bug with game thinking I won tournament

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Bug with game thinking I won tournament

Postby Awesomeau » 17 Mar 2008, 07:22

This happened in my first season.

I was registered in the Australian F1 and the Australian F2. I got a wildcard into the F1, and lost both my singles and doubles first matches. Then I went to the F2, I played my qualifying singles match. Lost. Then got an option to return back to the Coach Centre (in Australia). I did so. And clicked on 'next week'. And suddenly the game assumed I had won the Australia F1 doubles tournament. It gave me my sponsor bonus, and when the summary came up, it said I had won it.

However, looking at the past tournament view, it is clear I was knocked out in the first round, and the winners that come up are completely different. Yet the tournament is now in my career titles.

So just reporting this bug back to you!

Postby manutoo » 17 Mar 2008, 07:40


thanks for the report !

You were registered in doubles for the Australian F2 as well, right ?
You didn't have to qualify for it ?

If you bought the game, could you send me the subfolder "Profiles" compressed in .zip or .rar to the email address you got your license key from..?
This folder should be in "c:\program files\tennis elbow manager\Profiles"; but with Vista, it should be in the Virtual Store.
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