game getting stuck almost everytime

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game getting stuck almost everytime

Postby papa74 » 03 Oct 2012, 11:05


I ve been suffering a problem.
I play elbow for several years now and i never have this problemm before.
First of all i cannot join amatch online i always get the message " this player dont answer".
Second is that wenn i host a game, 8 out of 10 matches get frozen and i cant play on. Some times the game gets totally stuck and i have too restrt the game. than i often get the message that it seems like other players cannot see me and i have too check my port 4321 if it is open. Well it is open im sure of that part.
I reinstalled the game several times now but still it happens.
Thinkinhg about internet connection. Its better than ever , i have 50mb download on speedtests so i dont know what to do .

Anyone recognise this problem please react

Thx Guido
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court stakhanovite
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Re: game getting stuck almost everytime

Postby manutoo » 04 Oct 2012, 03:58


turn off your firewall & check your antivirus doesn't watch/block internet traffic.
If it doesn't help, then it's either an issue with your router (then manually setting the port forwarding should help), or some issues at your ISP level.
If you can, check with another PC to be sure it's not related to your Windows, drivers or hardware.
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