HELP with configuring MadCatz Gamepad Pro

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HELP with configuring MadCatz Gamepad Pro

Postby athan_k » 31 May 2007, 19:32

Regarding all of the below please not that I am using the demo version but I do not think that there is any difference between the full and demo version regarding setting up controllers.

I just got the madcatz gamepad pro (turbo) usb plug and play controller. The controller is an Xbox style controller and the packgage and the website say that the two sticks are analog and I am assuming that the directional pad is not since it is not mentioned anywhere.

When I use the pad at its default settings the game plays well but I have to use the left stick for moving the player and I am not able to program the big buttons at the front of the unit.

Also, the problem is that everytime I try to reprogram a button when the option says: "select a button" once I press the button I want, what appears instead of 'select a button' is "axes 3<" and then the program goes crazy for a few seconds (the menus change on their own and the program goes out of the control settings screen and goes to the begining and eventually it exits and shuts down on its own.

Can I set up the directional pad to control the player's movement or do I have to use the stick on my pad? Also, can I program the buttons on the front to use as my b1 and b2 or something else?

thanks for any replies
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Postby manutoo » 01 Jun 2007, 07:28


in the Tennis.ini (which you can edit with the Windows Notepad) or the .ini of your current profile if you're not using the default one, locate these 2 lines under [Controller] :
JoyDeadZone = 0.25
DxJoyDeadZone = 25
and change them to :
JoyDeadZone = 0.75
DxJoyDeadZone = 75

I think your trouble comes from the fact that your analog stick is very sensible, and thus, the game detects it moved before you have the time to press the button of your choice.

If this change doesn't help, then you should check that Windows configured properly your analog stick, and if not, you should do it by yourself (in the Configuration Panel -> Game Controllers )
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