Tennis Elbow (Latest Update 1.0B) Problem

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Tennis Elbow (Latest Update 1.0B) Problem

Postby Sammy » 03 Mar 2007, 23:46

Hi i bought the full version a month ago and it has worked fine, however recently i noticed there was a release of a newer version 1.0B. I installed this and it worked fine. However it now keeps asking me to download the update again when i click on internet games, or try to host a game... so i do... and it works one time.... then when i close the game and re-open it it asks me to download the update again......

i dont understand why its asking me to do this...

I have confirmed its not just me as my brother bought the game the same time and its doing the same for him too...

I havent seen a post similar to this..

Please help


Postby manutoo » 04 Mar 2007, 11:02


as you can see in the ChangeLog there , TE2006 has been updated 4 times in less than a week... This is probably why you have been kept asked to update your version. (sorry for the inconvenience, the 1st update lead to unexpected result)

If now it's still asking you to update it, check than you don't run an old version of TE2006, after have installed the latest one in another directory...
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