Troubles creating games.

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Troubles creating games.

Postby Anth » 05 Feb 2007, 17:21

I downloaded the PFConfig but i still cant seem to make an internet game. It still says i need to open port/or firewall. If there is a procedure you could type to me that would be great or something that will get this to work.. I purchased the game, and i wish i could create games to play others.

Postby manutoo » 05 Feb 2007, 17:44


1st, are u the author of this topic : ..?
If yes, you should have answered in the same topic, it's more easy to follow your trouble.

So, I just had a look at PFConfig (1st time I'm hearing about it). Is your router in the supported list : ..?

Unfortunately, I cannot provide you a step by step way to make your config work. But here a few things :
- turn off your firewall (turn it on later, once the game will work, so u'll know u just have to configure ur firewall to make everything work)
- forward the UDP port 4321 on ur router (or let PFConfig handles it, if it's able to do that)

Read the doc here : ... ml#network
And look there for instructions about how to configure your router, if it's in the list.

Some time the connection test may be wrong, so if you have a friend to help u to test ur connection, it could be better...
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