Annoying bug in TeMac [acceleration produces a soft ball]

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Annoying bug in TeMac [acceleration produces a soft ball]

Postby karel » 04 Feb 2007, 13:49


I recently discovered this wonderful program and I am currently trying it out. However I encounter some strange behaviour.
When performing a powershot and you are too close to the ball it is doing a semi-dropshot instead, fine. But after that I cannot play a powershot anymore during that game. I can play all the oher shot but every time I try to play a powershot it gives me the same lame ball.

I tried remapping the keys as I thought it was related to de early report of the 'lob-bug' but that did not work.

Any ideas? I hate losing games because of this....

Postby manutoo » 04 Feb 2007, 14:10


this is not a bug.
You have a limited number of accelerations per point, depending of your form skill, and your player style.
So you have to use them wisely and not use them too fast.

More info here : ... tml#skills
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Postby karel » 04 Feb 2007, 20:42

Ahh, I missed this one completely, thanks

I guess I have to change strategies.... :wink:

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