Bug during a Match : How to record it ?

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Bug during a Match : How to record it ?

Postby manutoo » 10 Jun 2011, 05:13


if you get a frequent bug during a match, you can turn on the match recording and send me the recorded match to help me to find the bug.
To record all matches, go to "Main Menu -> Recording", and set "Recording" to "Real-Time".
By default, the recorded matches are in : "C:\Program Files (x86)\Tennis Elbow 2013\Profiles\Demos" (you can open this folder by clicking on the top left button in the Recordings menu).

If possible, note down the score when the issue occurs, so I won't have to check the whole match... ;)

Note: I can replay only .dmo created with the original game, latest Build ; if you Modded the game by adding new strike animations, or use an older Build, no need to send me the .dmo
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