Screen freezes before next match

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Screen freezes before next match

Postby TMurcko » 02 Jun 2011, 21:04


Purchased TE2011 about a week ago, and I absolutely love the game. A few days ago, however, my game began to freeze at various points right before beginning a tournament match (in tour mode). It most frequently occurs right as I click the check mark icon on the tournament draw, as well as when I click "play both singles and doubles" when I've reached a tournament I must participate in due to ranking. Basically the tennis ball cursor gets stuck and my window says "not responding." Occasionally it will let me play after I close the window and try again several times, but a couple matches later it freezes again. Practice mode and other aspects of the game are fine.

Is there anything I can do to fix this (patches, etc)? I'm not tech-savvy, so sorry if my descriptions are not particularly technical.

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Re: Screen freezes before next match

Postby manutoo » 03 Jun 2011, 05:43


hum, this seems to be a new problem... :fear:

1- Did you install any mod ?

2- Just after you got a freeze, could you send me all the files in :
- "C:\Program Files\Tennis Elbow 2011\Profiles\Default\", if you play with men
- or "C:\Program Files\Tennis Elbow 2011\Profiles\Default\Wta\", if you play with women
If you created a Custom Profile, replace "Default" by the name of your profile.
Join your Player and Tournament bases if you modified them.

Compress everything in .zip or .rar file (to reduce the size) and send them to the email address you got your license key from.

3- Send me also this file : C:\Program Files\Tennis Elbow 2011\System.log (possibly twice : after a freeze, and after a clean game exit).

4- You could try to reinstall the full demo setup over your current installation ; it may help fix things (no need to uninstall 1st).
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