Menus dont stay

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Menus dont stay

Postby Guest » 10 Jun 2006, 15:45

Hi i love this game. I downloaded the 2006 version of TE. Only problem is that the menus keep flickering (reverting) back to the home menu.

Eg: when I click only the 'Training Club' button, it instantaneously turns back to the home menu.

This is the onlything stopping me from buying the game. Ive played this on my other computer, so im itching to purchase it.

Ive got direct 9.0x which might be the problem? since your recommended one is direct 8.1

I have 512ram,
200gb HD,
3ghz CPU
Geforce 6600 video card

Please help


Postby manutoo » 10 Jun 2006, 15:53


it works good on one of your PC, but there's this bug on the other one ?

This is probably coming from TE2006 thinking one of this happens :
- right mouse button is always pressed => try to press & release it one time to see if it fixes the trouble
- left ALT key is always pressed => same, try to press & release it one time
- button 2 of your gamepad/joystick is always pressed => again, try to press & release it, and if it changes nothing, try to unplug it to see if it's getting better or not

What is your keyboard ?

If none of this helps you, send me your "System.log" file from your TE2006 directory (usually, under "C:\Program Files\Tennis Elbow 2006\").
Copy/paste it here, or in the mail form here :

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