Latest update cursor uncontrollable

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Latest update cursor uncontrollable

Postby StarTom » 22 Nov 2021, 01:55

Have enjoyed TE4 BUT I updated last evening and BOOM now upon entering the game the cursor goes bezerk! Jumping around violently and I can't even click a menu selection! Tbis happens with a mouse or keyboard. None of this happened prior to the update. I have both the Steam version and the direct download version and it happens with both.

Help :) Manu.

Re: Latest update cursor uncontrollable

Postby manutoo » 22 Nov 2021, 10:24


do you have a wheel or another special controller ? If so, could you try to unplug it ?

Else, maybe your controller needs to be calibrated in Windows..?

Or try to raise your Controller Dead Zone in Settings -> Controls -> Player 1 -> Controller 1 (if you can reach it :fear: )
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