[TE4] Two controllers, only one can control player

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[TE4] Two controllers, only one can control player

Postby ADumbObserver » 01 Aug 2021, 19:39

I've been trying to play TE4 with a friend on my PC using two controllers, however it doesn't seem to work. On TE2013 it works fine, I can have one player use an Xbox One controller and the other use my 360 controller. Both players can also use one 360 controller each and they work fine, each of us controls a different player.

On TE4 however, when I try the same thing only one controller works, and it controls both players. I change the settings in the character sheet and the warmup but it does nothing to change it. It does fix it if you switch one of the players to keyboard but obviously I'd like to be able to use two controllers. Any ideas?
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Re: Local play - two controllers, only one can control playe

Postby manutoo » 02 Aug 2021, 06:07


it'll be fixed in the next update, thanks to your report ! :yes:
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