[TE4] Indoor match - crowd lighting issue

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[TE4] Indoor match - crowd lighting issue

Postby TimovieMan » 30 Jun 2021, 23:35

I noticed in TE4 that for indoor matches the crowd has a lighting issue. When applauding after a point, the people suddenly appear a lot brighter when clapping than they do when sitting still. Once the clapping stops, they immediately become darker again. It looks like a lighting issue with the movement.
It only happens in indoor matches, and only with the crowd (the empty seats don't change in brightness).
It's rather jarring in-game.

I made a video of it here.
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Re: [TE4] Indoor match - crowd lighting issue

Postby manutoo » 01 Jul 2021, 09:29


yes, I noticed that a while ago and was surprised no one else did so far... :blackeye:

Unfortunately, there's no easy fix so I'll think about what to do about that in a long time... :fear:
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