Problem playing online

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Problem playing online

Postby nahuspatera » 04 Jun 2020, 03:52

Good morning. I have been playing Tennis Elbow 2013 for 1 week with the demo.
Today I bought the game on Steam and when I created a host, a poster appears that says the following: "It seems that your PC is unreachable, the other players will not be able to join your game. Please check that UDP Port 4321 is open and you firewall available. "

I already activated my firewall with the game and my UDP port 4321. Does anyone know if there is any way to solve it?
The ping of the games you want to enter does not appear to me either. Thank you so much
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Re: Problem playing online

Postby manutoo » 04 Jun 2020, 06:23


if you don't see any ping in the game server list, then it means the game is completely blocked to access Internet. In such a case, it's usually a Firewall and/or virus issue. If you see pings in the game server list but cannot host, then it's usually a router issue.

For the router, check if yours is here : , then follow the instructions using the Port 4321.

With the demo, did anything work ?
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