one possible bug and one suggestion

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one possible bug and one suggestion

Postby Srle » 26 Apr 2010, 16:07

Hello manoo,

1- I've noticed something that can be some kind of bug since last build published.
It happens to me only in games when delay is very high (against some players from South America) like 200ms and higher. Game is laggy as it is expected with such high value of delay but after playing few games when i go to menu for chat during chat with opponent my screen becomes complete white and only I can see on white background is shadows of players, pressing keyboard buttons produce sounds same as changing menu options and after I somehow find position to back in game i can see both players shadows are moving but can't see the court at all, everything remains white. That never happened before this last build and I've experienced that problem in several matches all of those with 200ms or higher delay. Only solution was to exit the game.

2- Also I would like to ask something else. Earlier you mentioned that you will try to disable returning service from running like positioning player on return on T line then running in opposite side of service field. That is probably most unrealistic part of TE game. I can see every days people returning wide services over 200kmph running from T line to other side. People that have most practice in this way of returning are able also to stop if service is directed on T line and back one step to catch that ball. This kind of returning makes big advantage for them because they are able to take initiative from return easier. In real life there is very short time for returner to react and best returners are best mostly due to their reflexes. Is there any way for this to be solved like reducing max speed possible before rally stats or reducing max acceleration possible or at least reduce de-acceleration to make harder changing direction while returning and after rally starts load old values like used currently ?
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Re: one possible bug and one suggestion

Postby manutoo » 02 May 2010, 06:05


1- did you notice this bug again since your report ?
Did it happen in other situations ?

2- since v1.0e the deceleration speed has been quite lowered ; before it, I had already noticed it was seeming easier to serve-volley against such kind of returner.
I did a little test against a Incredible CPU with 65% in serve power, and it seems quite hard to return using this method... So I wonder how it goes when playing online... :thinking:
I don't want to make further changes right now, before knowing for sure the consequences of the 1.0e change.
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