[TE4] How to send me a Bug Report or Your saved games

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[TE4] How to send me a Bug Report or Your saved games

Postby manutoo » 19 Aug 2019, 08:28


=== From the game ===

To send me a Bug Report, press the Scroll Lock key (next to the Print key).

If you don't have a Scroll Lock key on your keyboard, you can bind another key in Settings -> Controls -> Shortcuts -> Send Bug Report.

It'll send me :
- the game log
- a screenshot of your current screen
- the .dmo of your current match, if you didn't turn off its recording
- if relevant, your saved games will also be automatically attached to it, as well as the player & tour bases if you have some custom ones

2021-06 - TE4 - Bug Report.jpg

=== Manually ===

To send me your saved games, you should :
1- Launch the game, click on Settings -> Profiles -> Open Data Folder on the bottom left
2- Then send me the 2 or 3 most recent files .sav (with their .ini & .match if available) from that folder if you play with men ; or the "Wta" subfolder if you play with women

Join your Player, Category and Tournament bases if you have modified them.

To send me your last recorded match, go to Recordings and click on the ""Open .dmo Folder" icon and pick the most recent .dmo file.

Sometimes, I'll also need the log file (especially in case of a crash), which is located here by default :
- Mana Games & Steam versions : "C:/Users/[YourUserName]/AppData/LocalLow/Mana Games/Tennis Elbow 4/Player.log"
- macOs version & Steam macOs version : "~/Library/Logs/Mana Games/Tennis Elbow 4/Player.log"
- Linux version : ~/.config/unity3d/ManaGames/Tennis Elbow 4/Player.log

Send the "Player-prev.log" as well if it's there.

If I request your "Tennis.ini", I refer to this file in the Data Folder :
- Tennis.ini
or, if you have created a custom Profile, this one :
- Profiles\[NameOfYourProfile].ini

Compress everything in a .zip, .rar or .7z file (to reduce the size), and send it to : contact (at) managames -dot- com .

Alternatively, you can upload your .zip to https://www.mediafire.com and post the link in the Forum.

How to compress to .zip ?
- On Windows : select all files you want to compress, then right-click -> send to -> compressed (zipped) folder
- On Mac OSX : select all files you want to compress, then right-click -> Create Archive
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