Delay/autodelay Problem plz answer Managame!!!

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Delay/autodelay Problem plz answer Managame!!!

Postby Rafaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa » 15 Jun 2019, 04:42

hi managame!!! great game tennis elbow in offline... but online its very strange ... This is my problem.

When I play offline the game is great fast and realistic: big shot, defense is logical etc.
When I play autodelay with 200-300ms ping (most my match): it's same as offline, I can touch line when I want, the rally average again top player is 5 or 6.
When I play short delay like 130 with 200-300ms ping (itst rule): the game become defense feast with opponent catch all my shot on lines easy it become 10 average rally and sometime 13 or 14 average rally... I have to press a lot to touch line ... the game is crazy for defense it's like the defense is completely boost with this delay...

So I want to understand why I feel that? Also why autodelay is not the rule because I think its the most realistic tennis? For me its the most fun experience with very fast tennis like in real life.. In atp rally average is around 4 if I check stats whatever the surface...

Re: Delay/autodelay Problem plz answer Managame!!!

Postby manutoo » 15 Jun 2019, 07:15


if the ping goes up to 300ms, and you play with a 133ms delay then you'll get hiccups, the game will slow down and the turtle icon will pop up.
So it's really not a good idea to do that. With a ping going up to 300ms, the minimum delay should be 167ms.

It shouldn't have a rule on a specific delay and AutoDelay should be used most of the times (except when the ping is really very unstable and AutoDelay cannot pick the best choice), but ITST is not an official Tour so they can do whatever they want... :)
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