Overall Suggestions for Tennis Elbow 2004

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Overall Suggestions for Tennis Elbow 2004

Postby Eraider » 30 Aug 2004, 19:35

Tennis Elbow 2004 needs the following things fixed or added:

-For the QUICK MODE option, when playing doubles, the characters' clothing does not match the original colors, or design.

-Wimbledon audience does not look at the ball when the feature is set to high detail.

-Have a ranking system that will include point deductions when the player do not play for a long period of time, or gets injured (just like what happened to Venus and Serena Williams).

-Make it easier to hit the ball cross court in the opposite direction that the player is running.

Postby manutoo » 09 Sep 2004, 11:59


>> clothes' colors

it'll be fixed in Tennis Elbow 2005.

>> Wimbledon

u're a good observer ! :)

>> Point deduction

I think this rule only applies for injuries. And as in Tennis Elbow no one gets injuried (does it sound like a perfect world ?), it's not needed for now....

>> ball cross court

done !
You can download the new version, and tell me if it's ok for you.

Thanks for all these remarks !
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