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Postby Sloane Stephens » 09 Jul 2009, 05:16

Hello Manutoo

I have a problem with my TE

Starting today..everytime i open my TE my character is deleted and i have to recreate him. His stats are all set to 0 and the points available is 0 until i begin to set stats. The character doesnt show. Everytime i try to change the profile it says the system has crashed. I have the full version and this problem started today. When i play it seems as if everything is slow. I played a doubles match for a tournament and it was horrible. I lost the first round b/c of this. And my computer was horible as well. What happened all of sudden. Im nervous to play online matches b/c i might lose.
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Re: Crash...

Postby manutoo » 09 Jul 2009, 19:33

I guess you should delete your profile, re-install the game over ur current installation, and recreate a profile.
If you don't want to lose your saved games, then manually delete the .ini files in the "Profiles" subfolder, and re-create a profile with the exact same name than before.
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