TE 2005 crash

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TE 2005 crash

Postby gbalda » 13 Nov 2005, 16:54

Hi the game is crashing (my laptop) randomly. Sometimes i can play more, sometimes less. I'm getting a blue screen saying that tridxp.dll caused a violation and then my laptop restarts.

My video card is: Trident Video Accelerator CyberBlade-XP v6.4022-003L.69

Also I'm having trouble with Logitech Rumblepad 2. The same problem somebody else already posted. The player doesn't reach the net and then you can move back either.

Galo Balda

Postby manutoo » 14 Nov 2005, 12:17


You probably have a bug in your display drivers.
You should try to update them.
Else, you can also try the different display options in Tennis Elbow, some changes might help to reduce the frequency of crashes.
Do you have some trouble in other games ?

About your gamepad, open the Tennis.ini with the notepad (or the .ini of your profiles), locate the [Controller] section, and below, edit (or add) these lines :
JoyDeadZone = 0.05
DxJoyDeadZone = 5

I hope it'll help.

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