Error Logs when trying to load or save game

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Error Logs when trying to load or save game

Postby kraavitz » 27 Sep 2005, 14:07


Since upgrading to the latest version of the game, twice I have lost my (well built up player and record) to a program error below:

"The program met an unhandled exception. Crash logged in file "Errorlog.txt"

Is there anywhere I can submit the file for review? I am not sure if there is anyway of correcting this profile, as I really don't want to go through yet another year only to have the same error a third time.

When I remove the profile from the Profiles\Default folder, I no longer see the error when accessing the save/load options.

Thank you,

Postby manutoo » 03 Oct 2005, 07:12


sorry for the delay to answer you, the Forum didn't enlighten this new message...

You can compress your entire Profiles\Default folder (in .zip or .rar) and send it to the email address you got your license key from.
I'll have a look at your saved game, and I'll tell you if it's fixable or not.

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