Just as I was climbing the ranks [1 year past at once]

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Just as I was climbing the ranks [1 year past at once]

Postby < sg » 22 Dec 2007, 08:05

First - sorry I have not posted how much I love being addicted to this game. It's outstanding fun - even when it's kicking my pants!

PROBLEM: I'm sure I have the latest version for Mac, but twice in the last two weeks when I go to play tourney mode, the weeks flash by, then suddenly I'm back down to #300.

I don't mind playing back up, but the last time I had just taken out the #7 ranked player in 3 sets and had won my 4th tournament in a row. Then suddenly I was back to being a nobody.

Is that a bug? How can I prevent that from happening again? Thanks for your advice and talent.


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Postby manutoo » 22 Dec 2007, 14:18


It's either :
- a bug : be sure to have the latest version installed
- a mis-clicking from u ; ie : you clicked on the week before the current week, therefore leading to pass 51 weeks at once

In both cases, you can regularly manually save your current game from within the "Character Sheet" of the "World Tour" ; so if the bug or the mis-clicking happens again, you could manually load your previously saved game from there...
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Postby < sg » 25 Dec 2007, 07:13

Thanks for the reply. I'm willing to admit the possibility of a misclick since I kept all my skills but dropped in the ranks. I will save often.

I just took out my anger on V.Spadea, beating him 6-0 in the 2nd.

Blessings on your holiday!

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