Double-Handed Backhand's range is too short.

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Double-Handed Backhand's range is too short.

Postby Raz » 02 Dec 2012, 19:37

Hello Manutoo, Im thinking this is a major bug in this game therefore you should check it out. :wink:

If youre using Nadal's backhand from the game ( backhand no. 15 and being left-handed) and someone serves like this on your backhand : Windows button + Up arrow + Left Arrow , the ball always goes through your backhand,you just cant hit it. The only way you can hit it is if the ball is really close to your body.
Now you might think that I was standing still during the serve but the answer is no. A few times I even ran to my right before he served and the ball still went through my racquet. This never happened to me on my forehand when I played right-handed. The ball never went through my forehand so there's something wrong with backhand no. 15 and/or the animation, or perhaps the range of the backhand is too short.
Actually it always feels like double-backhand's range is much shorter than forehand's range.And backhand no 15. is not the only backhand in the game with this problem, there are few others as well.Why dont they have the same range ? ( PS: my highest elo in this game is 2502, so trust me I know what Im talking about :P ) If the opponent is smart enough to play me on my backhand he wins most of the rallies.
However, If I play right-handed and I have a one-handed backhand I never have this problem. It seems like one-handed backhand has the same range as the forehand, but the double-handed does not. This is why 90% of players use one-handed backhands online. You're having a major disadvantage if you're using a double-handed backhand and its just not right nor realistic.
I played against a guy today whom I told that it was a bug and he agreed, but he didnt care and kept serving like this the entire match which was really annoying(i kicked his ass anyway,but it sucked to lose every point when he served like that) so please check it out and fix it. :wink:
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Re: Ball going through the racquet

Postby manutoo » 03 Dec 2012, 02:43


Your issue may be the same one than here => topic5-9849.php ; if not, post a .dmo .
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