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Just about Salim (the king)

Postby Chris Jacob » 19 Nov 2015, 20:15

he is complainig again because i won againts him second time in a row...i wasnt rude againts him during the match and my behave was great!

he wrote on match topic that i was rude and have bad behaviour but its not true its a lie..
and he says i live in this game...but now you can see who is living in this game
now you can see what he wrote after fisrt match when i won 6/2 6/0 he was comlainig like now when i won 7/5 6/4 ...

[2015.08.15. 13:16:35] Salim Heddad: who will host ?
[2015.08.15. 13:20:58] Salim Heddad: hello ?
[2015.08.15. 13:21:52] Date Krumm Kimiko: i wil
[2015.08.15. 13:21:54] Date Krumm Kimiko: l
[2015.08.15. 13:21:55] Date Krumm Kimiko: sec
[2015.08.15. 13:22:06] Salim Heddad: ok
[2015.08.15. 13:22:10] Salim Heddad: I'll join
[2015.08.15. 13:23:03] Date Krumm Kimiko: join
[2015.08.15. 13:59:07] Salim Heddad: GG
[2015.08.15. 13:59:54] Date Krumm Kimiko: thx
[2015.08.15. 14:00:13] Salim Heddad: u improved a lot
[2015.08.15. 14:00:26] Salim Heddad: or sth wrong with u
[2015.08.15. 14:00:57] Date Krumm Kimiko: something wrong?
[2015.08.15. 14:01:24] Salim Heddad: yeah
[2015.08.15. 14:01:30] Date Krumm Kimiko: why?
[2015.08.15. 14:01:41] Salim Heddad: you will see ;)
[2015.08.15. 14:02:04] Date Krumm Kimiko: i dont know why you say that
[2015.08.15. 14:03:29] Salim Heddad: send me the dmo
[2015.08.15. 14:04:53] Date Krumm Kimiko: i dont record my matches
[2015.08.15. 14:05:00] Salim Heddad: :D
[2015.08.15. 15:52:10] Salim Heddad: Hi
[2015.08.15. 15:52:19] Date Krumm Kimiko: hi
[2015.08.15. 15:52:59] Salim Heddad: u improved a lot
[2015.08.15. 15:53:17] Date Krumm Kimiko: i know. i had some great result this year
[2015.08.15. 15:53:34] Salim Heddad: u should be on top 4
[2015.08.15. 15:53:44] Salim Heddad: but I found this weired
[2015.08.15. 15:53:54] Salim Heddad: to take set from Marjan
[2015.08.15. 15:54:06] Salim Heddad: and to beat me
[2015.08.15. 15:54:54] Date Krumm Kimiko: at Australian open quarter final i beat heinric 0/6 6/2 6/4 6/3
[2015.08.15. 15:55:45] Date Krumm Kimiko: i played lot of set with voja and i can won againts him
[2015.08.15. 15:55:47] Date Krumm Kimiko: so
[2015.08.15. 15:56:03] Salim Heddad: LoL
[2015.08.15. 15:56:13] Salim Heddad: Heinrich let you won
[2015.08.15. 15:56:18] Date Krumm Kimiko: yes
[2015.08.15. 15:56:19] Salim Heddad: bcs he lost
[2015.08.15. 15:56:25] Date Krumm Kimiko: you know it :D
[2015.08.15. 15:56:26] Salim Heddad: reserve
[2015.08.15. 15:56:33] Salim Heddad: against Voja ;)
[2015.08.15. 15:58:00] Date Krumm Kimiko: i dont care about your opinion i won easly its a fact...now you will say im a cheater or idk
[2015.08.15. 15:58:02] Date Krumm Kimiko: cya
[2015.08.15. 15:58:07] Date Krumm Kimiko: dont write for me please
[2015.08.15. 15:58:08] Date Krumm Kimiko: bye
[2015.08.15. 15:58:27] Salim Heddad: :D
[2015.08.15. 15:58:59] Salim Heddad: All players found this a very weired result
[2015.08.15. 15:59:18] Date Krumm Kimiko: and im a cheater because i won againts you?
[2015.08.15. 15:59:35] Date Krumm Kimiko: please tell me how can i cheat in this game
[2015.08.15. 15:59:40] Date Krumm Kimiko: accept that you lose
[2015.08.15. 16:00:29] Salim Heddad: No
[2015.08.15. 16:00:37] Salim Heddad: Im fair player
[2015.08.15. 16:00:46] Salim Heddad: I accept to lose
[2015.08.15. 16:00:52] Date Krumm Kimiko: now i see heinrich and goaga playing now..goaga lead againts him ..maybe goaga is a cheater if he will won againts heinrich
[2015.08.15. 16:01:01] Salim Heddad: but u improved a lot just today
[2015.08.15. 16:01:15] Date Krumm Kimiko: whay you think just today?:D
[2015.08.15. 16:01:29] Date Krumm Kimiko: oh man its so boring
[2015.08.15. 16:01:59] Salim Heddad: No
[2015.08.15. 16:02:35] Salim Heddad: u played with defender ?
[2015.08.15. 16:02:44] Salim Heddad: style
[2015.08.15. 16:03:00] Date Krumm Kimiko: i must share it with you?
[2015.08.15. 16:04:01] Salim Heddad: Maybe someone played for u
[2015.08.15. 16:04:24] Salim Heddad: Manutoo will check ;) don't worry
[2015.08.15. 16:04:28] Date Krumm Kimiko: OH MY GOD
[2015.08.15. 16:04:36] Date Krumm Kimiko: you are not normal
[2015.08.15. 16:04:38] Date Krumm Kimiko: xd
[2015.08.15. 16:04:40] Date Krumm Kimiko: :DDDD
[2015.08.15. 16:04:57] Salim Heddad: its my point of view
[2015.08.15. 16:05:03] Date Krumm Kimiko: he can check it :)
[2015.08.15. 16:05:17] Date Krumm Kimiko: i dont afraid
[2015.08.15. 16:05:19] Date Krumm Kimiko: ;)
[2015.08.15. 16:05:26] Date Krumm Kimiko: you cant accept that you lose xd
[2015.08.15. 16:06:04] Date Krumm Kimiko: interseting marynaucci didnt have problem with me...but you
[2015.08.15. 16:06:15] Date Krumm Kimiko: yes..you lost and cant accept:D
[2015.08.15. 16:07:07] Date Krumm Kimiko: i will write to manutoo now if you want :)
[2015.08.15. 16:13:09] Date Krumm Kimiko: i posted on forum hope manutoo will see it :)
[2015.08.15. 16:13:35] Salim Heddad: :D
[2015.08.15. 16:13:54] Date Krumm Kimiko: man dont be ridiculous
[2015.08.15. 16:13:58] Date Krumm Kimiko: who played for me?XD
[2015.08.15. 16:14:04] Date Krumm Kimiko: i dont have friends here
[2015.08.15. 16:14:08] Date Krumm Kimiko: i hate every player xd
[2015.08.15. 16:14:20] Date Krumm Kimiko: you think someone would play for me?:DDD
[2015.08.15. 16:14:41] Salim Heddad: How's u was playing
[2015.08.15. 16:14:44] Salim Heddad: tactics
[2015.08.15. 16:14:49] Salim Heddad: circle of defense
[2015.08.15. 16:14:59] Date Krumm Kimiko: im a defender lol
[2015.08.15. 16:15:22] Date Krumm Kimiko: im playing with this style in this year...
[2015.08.15. 16:15:25] Salim Heddad: if it's really u , congrats and respect too
[2015.08.15. 16:15:29] Date Krumm Kimiko: what a big surprise
[2015.08.15. 16:15:38] Date Krumm Kimiko: its me
[2015.08.15. 16:15:43] Date Krumm Kimiko: not another player -.-
[2015.08.15. 16:15:47] Salim Heddad: I found it a surprise as u said
[2015.08.15. 16:16:05] Salim Heddad: U played better , very better
[2015.08.15. 16:16:06] Date Krumm Kimiko: im not a cheater....i can be rude yes...but i never cheated
[2015.08.15. 16:17:29] Salim Heddad: I don't say that u are cheater
[2015.08.15. 16:17:51] Salim Heddad: u won
[2015.08.15. 16:17:57] Salim Heddad: congrats
[2015.08.15. 16:18:25] Salim Heddad: but with this style u should be top 4
[2015.08.15. 16:18:32] Salim Heddad: or the 3th rank's
[2015.08.15. 16:25:55] Salim Heddad: can u teach me
[2015.08.15. 16:41:45] Salim Heddad: Kimiko
[2015.08.15. 16:41:49] Salim Heddad: Sorry I was wrong
[2015.08.15. 16:41:55] Salim Heddad: It was you
[2015.08.15. 16:42:13] Salim Heddad: GG and congrats to reach SF
[2015.09.03. 21:19:41] Salim Heddad: can u give ur dmo against maryan
[2015.09.03. 21:19:43] Salim Heddad: ?
[2015.09.04. 14:40:33] Salim Heddad: ?
[2015.09.04. 14:42:01] Salim Heddad: Hello ?
[11:17:57] Date Krumm Kimiko: hi maryanucci cant play wtf so i will replace hame .
[11:17:58] Date Krumm Kimiko: when can we play?
[14:45:11] Salim Heddad: Ok
[14:45:13] Salim Heddad: I can
[14:45:15] Salim Heddad: play
[14:45:22] Salim Heddad: but after ffzzpp
[15:55:41] Date Krumm Kimiko: congrats hope with second set you are really happy
[15:55:46] Date Krumm Kimiko: how you won my service game
[15:55:49] Date Krumm Kimiko: ...
[15:55:57] Date Krumm Kimiko: soorry its for ffzzp
[16:00:56] Date Krumm Kimiko: in second set he had a break point at my sercive...and during the rally he swapped to another app...and for sure i lost my service game
[17:03:07] Salim Heddad: can we play ?
[17:07:26] Salim Heddad: Man ?!
[17:07:29] Date Krumm Kimiko: yes
[17:07:36] Date Krumm Kimiko: i will host
[17:08:05] Date Krumm Kimiko: join
[17:08:22] Salim Heddad: ok
[17:10:02] Salim Heddad: red
[18:39:09] Date Krumm Kimiko: i answerd on your post :)
[18:39:20] Salim Heddad: unfair .
[18:39:28] Date Krumm Kimiko: man
[18:39:34] Salim Heddad: ffzzpp confirm the same thing
[18:39:37] Date Krumm Kimiko: i was rude? or have bad behaviour?
[18:39:50] Date Krumm Kimiko: i really dont thinkg that i was rude with you
[18:39:56] Date Krumm Kimiko: i didnt do nothing
[18:40:20] Date Krumm Kimiko: why you say that and wrote to the forum that i was rude and have bad behaviour?? while its not true?
[18:41:56] Salim Heddad: generally u are unfair ;)
[18:42:10] Salim Heddad: You won me 2 times
[18:42:11] Salim Heddad: rigth
[18:42:38] Salim Heddad: but I was wrong the first match , bcs I played with u with another nickname before
[18:42:48] Salim Heddad: you was very bad
[18:43:03] Date Krumm Kimiko: really? :) and what was your nickname?
[18:43:13] Salim Heddad: other thing that I changed my stats , I forgot the first match
[18:43:31] Salim Heddad: Stan
[18:44:02] Salim Heddad: sorry for the first I judge u bad :/
[18:44:12] Salim Heddad: first match
[18:44:34] Salim Heddad: but how can u explain two set points in ur serve
[18:44:50] Salim Heddad: second serve and then first serve
[18:45:02] Salim Heddad: and the ball was easy to finish it
[18:45:14] Salim Heddad: at end you won the set as nth happend
[18:45:15] Date Krumm Kimiko: man..do you know how ffzzpp won the second set againts me? or he didnt say that for you?
[18:45:23] Salim Heddad: did u got it right now ?
[18:45:36] Salim Heddad: Idk
[18:45:40] Date Krumm Kimiko: just because you think he is so fair
[18:45:47] Salim Heddad: I didn't lie
[18:45:55] Salim Heddad: I told the truth
[18:46:11] Salim Heddad: I saw that u wasn't unfair
[18:46:12] Date Krumm Kimiko: it was 4-4 my service..and he had break point and during the rally he swap to toher app
[18:46:14] Salim Heddad: in the first set
[18:46:15] Date Krumm Kimiko: DURING THE RALLY
[18:46:21] Salim Heddad: but on the second set
[18:46:24] Date Krumm Kimiko: and i lost the pont after he won the set
[18:46:25] Salim Heddad: it was cool
[18:46:44] Salim Heddad: u derserved the win + I don't have anything against you ;)
[18:47:37] Salim Heddad: But I told u what i didn't liek
[18:47:39] Salim Heddad: liek
[18:47:41] Salim Heddad: like
[18:49:46] Date Krumm Kimiko: i understand it but thats you you wrote bad things about me on forum? i could write bad things about ffzzp but i didnt do that
[18:58:04] Salim Heddad: you are not on WTF
[18:58:14] Salim Heddad: normally
[18:58:23] Salim Heddad: and maryan
[18:58:34] Salim Heddad: confirmed that he will play
[18:59:01] Salim Heddad: how he will continue doubles , and don't play siingles
[18:59:11] Salim Heddad: bcs he play one match in doubles
[19:00:23] Salim Heddad: LGB complain u on doubles
[19:00:51] Salim Heddad: ffzzpp complain u too
[19:00:54] Salim Heddad: and me
[19:11:02] Date Krumm Kimiko: its getting ridiculous what you do..
Singles Rank: 8. , Race: 8. Best: 8.
Doubles Rank: - Best: 2.

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