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Re: Paris Singles (Official Topic)

Postby zrinkecsportnet » 09 Nov 2015, 12:59

Yes i had same issues with LGB we played on 250 delay and i will not play ever on delay like that.
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Re: Paris Singles (Official Topic)

Postby Lian » 09 Nov 2015, 18:57

Final LGB def. me 6-2 3-6 6-3

I don't want to play vs LGB in the future. He is great player but in laggy conditions his oponent can't show skills. He goes to the net and it is impossible to win points with laggs. He is accustomed to it. Also I can't return, he too :D I won 2 set bcs he did 2 DF in one game and i hold my serve to the end of set. Anyway good game LetsGoBro but pls do something with your network conditions.
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Re: Paris Singles (Official Topic)

Postby GoAga » 09 Nov 2015, 19:47

Some ppl who are making "ride" on him should thanks those "lags" because in normal conditions wouldn't be able to get from him "few" games... Congratulations to LetsGoBro deserved title.
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Re: Paris Singles (Official Topic)

Postby Marin » 09 Nov 2015, 20:01

GoAga wrote:Some ppl who are making "ride" on him should thanks those "lags" because in normal conditions wouldn't be able to get from him "few" games... Congratulations to LetsGoBro deserved title.

absolutely true.same conditions for both players and people who says that he has bad connection doesnt have clue what they talking.It is problem with distance and maybe its time to manutoo to change server coz there is no big number of player who are not from europe which have good ping with manutos server coz probably its kinda old 8-)

Congratz on title and gl in finals singles and dubs both.
goaga respect for you coz there is no big number of players who congrats and dont cry after lose from him.
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Re: Paris Singles (Official Topic)

Postby LetsGoBro » 10 Nov 2015, 05:38

Well to those guys, thanks for souring my victory. I appreciate it. But I'm going to try to clear up any misconceptions. If you guys still don't like or agree to what I have to say, then believe what you want to believe...

ShoNe wrote:He isn't the only one, but I think he has the worst connection, even when he says that his ping is about 35. Maybe it is because he lives in Australia, but anyway it isn't fair to other players. He can win anything with lag. And the worst thing is that he set his player for that conditions (about 70% stamina, because points aren't long)... And I think, he should stop play this tour if nobody can play normal match with him. But, maybe he hasn't feeling for others. Maybe this game isn't game, and we shouldn't enjoy in matches, maybe we must win anything.

Where's your proof? Don't make accusations on things you aren't sure of. Nice guess by the way, but you're way off. It's at least 90% because even though I play at the net, you still need a good foundation on the baseline to create those net play opportunities, and the stamina is needed so that I don't tire out before I approach the net.

You're saying that because of lag, I have full control. Not true. If it is, then why do I still lose? If I lag with everyone and I use it to my advantage, I would be unbeaten in all my matches. But as you can see, that's not the case. Even in the matches that I win, I struggle to even win them because of that very issue. Sure you can say that I'm lucky, because I agree that's pretty true (especially this week), but accusing me that I'm a lagger is downright ignorant. I find it offensive because I do nothing but try to play like the rest of you guys... no tricks, no bullshit. If I win, nice. If I lose, big deal (note the sarcasm here for those over-sensitive people that don't see it). I lost many matches, some of which could be deemed "unfair" by you guys, but I don't cry about it. I accept it, learn from it and try again for the next tournament.

In contrast, I have proof about my ping being 35... I didn't say that I did, but in fact I gave you and Algo my screen cap of the cmd ping test to prove it (back at USO). So no, my connection isn't "bad" as people say it is. And that leaves us with one other possibility, and that is the distance - and, well, I can't do anything about that.

If this is so personal to you, then you can petition to ban long distance players if you want. No one is stopping you.

Maria Kirilenko wrote:I understand, but when a player goes to the net in this poor condititons, virtually impossibility is to win the point. Of course there is also no pleasure from the game when there is no rally because you can not pick up service.

You're acting like our past two matches never happened. I struggled the same way that both of us did, net play or not. In fact you passed exceptionally well in those matches, but this time you probably didn't have one of those better days. I lost those matches.... in fact I never even won a match against you until now, and yet you never saw me whine about those losses. But interestingly you don't complain about it when you win. Strange is it not?

I've also heard that you have poor connection with other players too, and your opponents complain about it. Not only that, your distance with those players are close as well. So that makes your accusation all the more funny. But nothing personal of course. You're probably a great guy in real life for all I know.

Anyway even though I won, I didn't enjoy it either because of the conditions. And now made even worse with complaints. Go figure.


What irks me even more about these mindless accusations is that most of my practice is done offline and I rarely even practice online these days. If I do, then I mostly play with MarkChan because he's the only player that I have a decent connection with. So to say that I know what I'm doing in those dire conditions is just wishful thinking at best. Sometimes if I'm lucky, I find a solution to just hang in there and hope for the best, and sometimes I don't... but that's not my problem.

At the end of the day I have no gripe with anyone, and I have no intentions to piss people off or make enemies - even after all these accusations. I have a lot of respect for all you great players out there, and without you guys I wouldn't be able to play at a level I never thought was possible for me. And like I've always said, I just play because I want to play. I can't control what happens out there except just try and fight through it... sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I don't know what else to say. But I do understand the frustration and I really do hate this just as much as you people do. I too hope there's a solution to this. And one last thing, one that I always conclude on whether I win or lose: it's just a freaking game lol - it's not real life and not something that leaves a lasting impression on your soul.
Cheers, and all the best.
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Re: Paris Singles (Official Topic)

Postby MarkChan » 10 Nov 2015, 10:55

Having long distance doesn't equal having bad connection.
But yeh at the same time having long distance probably means connection wouldn't be ideal.

My case:
I always had A+ for ping and speed test (much more accurate than cmd test) and I get 200mbps for upload/downlond speed according to speed test while my internal server says my speed is 1Gbps. I pay around 25 US dollars for my optical fiber connection every month. Although my cpu is getting old and it is less good these days, if I change to another cpu I immediately know whether my opponent' connection is good depending on the ping difference with my opponent of the two cpus :lol: And I always try to make sure my connection is as perfect as possible becozI know if my connection is bad + bad connection of my opponent + distance = unplayable. So it isn't true that players with long distance necessarily has "bad connection". Some "long-distance player" has gd connection actually. The game is still laggy just becoz it is a combination of the distance and the bad connection of the so-called "short-distance" player. And I have been the victim of wifi "short-distance" players or players with poor internet speed. And I also see "short-distance European player" having lag against each other just becoz both of their connections suck. And I also have experiences of short-distance unplayable matches with other Asians becoz they are using terrible wifi.

But I am not saying you must need to be short-distance player or need a perfect internet line to play this game. Some ppl just may not be able to afford a very good connection or they have a long distance simply because they have no choice. And you can't ban them from playing. It is not a tour opening only for the rich (although u may still pay to get a certain advantage to choose ur animations for example). The principle of allowing everyone having minial equal access to the online tour is prioritized over "sacrificing the rights of a few to maximize the wealth of some". If it is the case there will be another form of "injustice" and the tour will be just a small community operating on the principle of exclusion. But I do agree if ppl think the connection is unplayable, they should be allowed to call RL (not only when it is >250 delay and > 5% lag ratio like the current rule, but, say, 200 delay and/or 3-4% lag ratio), and only one of the two players' views is needed so that that player doesnt have to feel being cheated.. And in other cases when connection is not very ideal but still playable, they can consider to continue (since it is impossible for every match to have 100% perfect connection) maybe this is the temporary solution until manutoo gets us a better server :lol:
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Re: Paris Singles (Official Topic)

Postby E=mc2 » 13 Nov 2015, 15:18

Racism everywhere...... some fools call you a lagger if you complain when you are living in Non-Euro World :annoyed: Poor fools crying even when it comes to a computer game. They need to grow up :lol:
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