Hamburg Doubles (Official Topic)

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Hamburg Doubles (Official Topic)

Postby Sampreas » 28 Jul 2015, 12:37


The Hamburg doubles draw has been released. You can find the draws here: OnlineTournaments.php <---- Thats where players are to post their match scores (eg. 6-1 6-2, not 1-6 2-6). Anyone may post here to confirm their match scores

Surface Clay
Number of sets: Best of 3. Final set: Master Tie Break
Mode: Realistic (Elite). Tiredness On.

HowTo&Rules - topic13-4767.php for an explanation.

Quarterfinals: 0
Semifinals: 180
Final: 300
Winner: 500

Quarterfinals: Wednesday
Semifinals: Friday
Finals: Sunday

The winner will receive 500 points.
Good luck and have fun!

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Re: Hamburg Doubles (Official Topic)

Postby Maryanucci » 30 Jul 2015, 00:22

Maryanucci & Delpo def. dr.Ivo & Player 3 : 6/4 6/2

Unfortunately match was gliched all time, so I'm not really happy with this win.
He showed his greatness again, but doesn't had nerves to play very well.
So I think this is not realistic result. Anyway, hope that we will better conditions next time.
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