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Postby Demetre Chokheli » 12 May 2015, 22:51

Hello everyone, i'd like to inform you that i will retire because i don t have time to play anymore because of work, i love u all guys it was very good moments in this tour, good luck and all the best, maybe i will be back after the summer, see u : )
Demetre Chokheli
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Re: retirment

Postby M.Khalil Guedria » 12 May 2015, 23:17

We had really great matches together, gonna miss u on tour ,see.u soon. :)
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M.Khalil Guedria
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Re: retirment

Postby MarkChan » 13 May 2015, 08:23

You are a very good and fair player. But life is more important than a game. So GL. :thumbright:
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