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Kroppes full year

Postby Petr Kroppe » 05 Sep 2014, 21:25

Today i finished my full year of playing in tour. And thats time for little summary.

There are some good news. During this 52 weeks i have noticed 67 matches. 32 of them I won (count W.O, RL etc.)
When i started played here i asked how long time i need to win single match. That happened even in my 2nd tournament.
I achieved R4 of Australian open and 2 QF of TET250 and one QF of Challanger. After 52 weeks im classified on 49 place in rank.
During this 52 weeks I have played 1700 practice matches.

When I was preparing for january tournaments I had two goals. First wast to break 2000 elo, second to beat someone from top100. It took me a lot more time to break both. My elo was above 2000 (for one or two weeks) at Wimbledon.
Then it felt dramatically. Now my elo is about 1600. It's lower than it was at the start of season (1800). I beat one guy from top 100 - Mohamed in s-H'bosch, but it was his first tournament after back to tour. Two weeks later he gave me huge blow with 26 26.

There are also some bad news. In matches played (not W.O. RL) my balance is 10-23. In matches via top100 players its 1-22. Im clearly unable to fight with anybody from there ;-)
Also most of my wins i noticed in 2013 and in the beggining of year. The last time I won a match was s-Hertogenbosch, 3 months ago. Since then I've played 9 tournaments without single win.
All what is happening after AO2014 is getting into big hole for me. Balance from there to now is 4-14.

Summing all facts I wanted to share feeling that Im a little bit addicted to this game, but it is sour addiction.
This few last weeks when i didnt win single match made me feel that probably Im not neither tennis elbow giant or mental giant at all xD.
But i brought together with this fact. If beeing top player was achievable for each of us it wouldnt work probably ;-).

Thanks for this 52 weeks.

Ranked singles: [98] / Career ranking: [44]
R4 R2 R3 R2
Best result: Australian Open 2014 [GS] R4
Greatest scalp: def Mohamed (22) 5-7 6-4 7-5(4) ('s-Hertogenbosch 2014)
Petr Kroppe
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Re: Kroppes full year

Postby Stajus » 14 Sep 2014, 14:23

Good luck in 2015, never give up :wink:
The TE's all-round and doubles GOAT :cool:
73 titles (7 S + 66 D) + Davis Cup + Team Cup
11 Grand Slam titles in doubles (out of 12 played)
Best singles ranking #3
Best doubles ranking #1
Olympics 2012 - singles bronze, doubles gold
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