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And the winner is ...

Postby Heinrich von Westphalen » 19 Aug 2014, 08:26

Congratulation to Sheraz / Kuga for an incomparable performance in Cincinnati which confirms the reputation of top contenders for US Open.

The Joker wrote:3- Heny ....u reached final ... sorry for ur loss... beat me,moha , ayman , made awesome results just in one day .. cant blame u for loss in final cuz its vs numb 1 ... but if u keeped in same route.. Usopen is gonna be so competitive... not far from u

Thanks for your supporting words ... was a pleasurable tournament and the title is finally fully deserved by Kuga. I think I still have adequate room for improvements so I'll stay be close on Kuga's heels. Was a good tournament by you as well, so keep it rolling and good luck in New York City.

Kind regards,
Heinrich von Westphalen.
Heinrich von Westphalen
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Re: Cincinnati Singles (Official Topic)

Postby MarkChan » 19 Aug 2014, 10:05

Since I've predicted Heinrich would win either Toronto/Cincinatti/USO, he is a lock for USO now!
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