Things to Improve

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Things to Improve

Postby The Joker » 31 Jul 2014, 16:00

i think these are my simple suggestions for current things on forum and game:
1- Opening the registration for big tours as masters and grandslams too early ... increases % of presence of inactives
Example : Usopen registration is opened 2 months or more earlier than the schedule of the tour itself ... so if someone queued now ... he might be not available after 1 month or 2 from that date and thats too realistic for him
Suggestion : Open it 2 weeks only or 1.5 weeks earlier .. so % of inactives decreases
2- Doubles are getting worse and worse ... opening field to more spammers to be top 10 on world .... just shoot to pc and he will make errors...
Suggestion : either ...
a-) making doubs cooperative not competitive ... so 2 humans vs 2 humans
b-) making a rule stating that point is lost automatically if u shoot to same player more than 3 times in row...
c-) Improving qualities of pc to be as that we see in offline modee ... ( The Rarely Error One )
3- Some Rules should be revised and re-corrected ... the most urgent one is LR ( Lag Rule ) ...
Suggestion : If the lagger is european .. afican .. latino ... asian .. whatever ... just give opponent a WO .. but dont specify someone to take use of it lonely ... In other words ... Search for the reason (source) of problem and give the win to the opponent ... to do this ... many methods.. easiest is to make a mod test connection with both players ( mod should be close geographically and has good connection to do so )
Wanna Know Your Opinions ... Especially Mods
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Re: Things to Improve

Postby Algo » 31 Jul 2014, 16:10

1 wouldn't work. I rather have full draws and more w.os than smaller draws.
2a is not currently possible. It'd be 2h vs 2cpu
2b could be up for discussion
2c we have nothing to do with
3 'lagger' expression aside, because I will always think unless proven wrong that there is no intent to make lag, which would mean to be a lag-ger, could be up for discussion. No swearing please too...
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Re: Things to Improve

Postby Sorana » 31 Jul 2014, 16:29

hmm i think
about 1st rule- is ok how it s now, if open 1-2 weeks before , we ll have a 32 players draw in a gs , which wouldnt be interesting

2-you re 100% right
a)not good bcoz we dont have 32 players to can play 2 tournaments /week , we have just 12-16 , and will be hard ,then wil be just 5-6 teams/week . Also, is hard for 2 players to set a time to play, for 4 will be impossible

3-My sugestion is if 2 players decide that they cant play their match in lag condition, they both to make a internet connection test (are a lot of sites which can do this for free) and then to show the results and player which have better internet connection to win by LR
Between the few players with real doubles skills on this tour..



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Re: Things to Improve

Postby MarkChan » 31 Jul 2014, 16:42

Thanks for telling me cpu in doubles suck. I always hit to the human lol.
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Re: Things to Improve

Postby GoAga » 31 Jul 2014, 21:42

Some of yours expression are just funny :P
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