About Lag Ratio Rule (LR)

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About Lag Ratio Rule (LR)

Postby Andrej Jankov » 19 Jul 2014, 00:16

Is this still exist? I mean I have now oponnent from Brazil and his connection is not so good and we had 54% lag ratio, what should I do to not have lag with him ? can somone explain to me? I have perfect connection I can host and i have 40-50 ms in central of France ( I am from Macedonia.. ) so i remember once in the past i got LR cause his connection was even 4% lag ratio, but it is ridicilous with 54% cause you can't move,serve and all tennis moves.. i mean you can but it lags like 1 easy winner of forhand is like 1 minute :unsure:
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Re: About Lag Ratio Rule (LR)

Postby MarkChan » 19 Jul 2014, 17:41

54% is kinda crazy. the rule should be applied i think unless your opponent has a very low chance.
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