Does RL really work?

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Does RL really work?

Postby Rayn » 17 Jul 2014, 17:22

Hey, I am a bit frustrated. I love to play this game and I've been here for a while now. I've been absent from the online matches for like a year but I never stopped playing offline. Now that I came back and play a lot of online matches and some tournaments some things have been bothering me.

The game asks us to mark a schedule soo your opponent knows when you can play. Now, most of the guys don't respect their schedule. The draw normally comes out on friday and we have till tuesday to play first round matches. There are some guys who never come online in this lapse of time, not even on skype. It happened to me the last tournament.

Other ones just wait for the draw release, they write the first message for their opponent and never come back. And then when RL comes in, they win ( :unsure: )

When I have to play matches, I don't care to stay awake late or get up very early because of time zone. But some players refuse to make a little sacrifice; if it's not when they want to play, they just don't play.

I guess I'll only be playing online matches and stop competing in tournament for a while untill I figure out something (or write the first message for my opponent then disappear and wait to win the RL)............

Hope y'all have a good day!!
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