Mistake in ranking point updation of week-7 Feb-10

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Mistake in ranking point updation of week-7 Feb-10

Postby vampireZattitude » 15 Feb 2014, 12:59

I had 10240 points(doubles) in week6 february-3rd but surprisingly it went down to 8740 points in week-7 Feb-10. I can see 10240-8740= 1500 points deducted from my kitty. I had earned 1500 points from WTF-2013 . Ideally i was supposed to defend 1500 from 2014 WTF .Then how come it was reduced in the month of Feb??? We dont need such valentine's gift!! :fear: . If its not correct then Manutoo can you please provide me the list of ranking points which i earned through out the year2103 and till 2014 feb10 . Moreover I can also see that Marin had earned 800 point from WTF 2013 which are reduced from his account.(3393 on 3rd feb reduced to 2593 on 10th feb). Viggy had earned 400 points in WTF and his points were reduced from 4120 to 3720.All players who earned points in WTF have been affected in the latest ranking updates of 10th feb. Same set of scenario has happened for singles aswel. Kuga, sher@z and all other players who had earned points in WTF are its victim :D . Please have a look and recitify it.I had words with other players ,So Instead of going for a duplicate bug report,i raised this issue as a common for all. I guess something has been missed out. please clarify it or else provide me the list of the ranking points that were added for me(for cross verification, if mods dont have enough time i would rather go for UA testing :P ).. I went on to knock the door of first level of appraisers(mods) and had been chasing for its solution but they were unsure and hence finally i was compelled to seek ur attention. Please advise !!
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Re: Mistake in ranking point updation of week-7 Feb-10

Postby Viggy » 15 Feb 2014, 14:47

Well said Sofia :) and good observation too. After seeing the post, I come to know that my ranking points were lost. Though i was busy in the last few weeks I didn't visit managames regularly and sad to know that there is a bug in the Ranking system.

@ Manutoo that, Whether ranking system is automated or still its in hands of moderator who always lead this tournament in a great way or any separate group for maintaining ranking system . Can you clarify on this.

Waiting for manutoo to reply on this way.

@sofia Perfect way to start of the topic and excepting a good solution at the end of this discussion with manutoo or other players.
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Re: Mistake in ranking point updation of week-7 Feb-10

Postby manutoo » 16 Feb 2014, 03:56

ranking system is automated for all tournaments in the system ; for other ones (ie: WTF + Davis Cup), Tour Mods have to provide the points by themselves.
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