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Great Britain F13 Singles (Official Topic)

Postby Algo » 15 Jul 2013, 04:33

The Bastad singles draw has been released. You can find the draws here: OnlineTournaments.php
Players are to post their match scores in the draw (eg. 6-1 6-2, not 1-6 2-6). Anyone may post here to confirm their match scores.

Surface: Grass
Number of sets: Best of 3
Mode: Fair (Simulation). Tiredness on

Qualy R1: 0
Qualy R2: 0
Qualy R3: 0
Qualifier: 1
Round 16: 0
Quarterfinals: 12
Semifinals: 20
Final: 36
Winner: 60

Qualy R1: Sunday
Qualy R2: Monday
Qualy R3: Tuesday
Round 16: Wednesday
Quarterfinals: Thursay
Semifinals: Friday
Final: Saturday

The winner will receive 60 points.
Good luck and have fun!
Tour Mod.

Tour issues by PM or Skype.
If you don't add me nor send me a PM, you might see your chances reduced. Inform me about anything that might have went on with your matches BEFORE deadlines, otherwise, decisions won't be changed.
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