Valencia (Applications)

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Valencia (Applications)

Postby Algo » 14 Oct 2012, 16:31


The applications for Valencia are now open, go here to register.
(This link is also located in the "Online Tennis Tournaments" subforum, where you'll click on "Tournament List" - the 1st link)

Surface: Indoor Hard
Draw Size: 32(S), 16(D)
Number of sets: Best of 3
Mode: Fair (Simulation)

HowTo&Rules - click here for an explanation.

The winner will receive 500 points.
The draws will be created on Friday 19th October.

Players who can't queue:

Dasp - 15 small tournaments
Maria Sharapova M.S. - 15 small tournaments
Victoria Azarenk√° V.A - 15 small tournaments
Kiril - 15 small tournaments
Achraf - 15 small tournaments
Ayoub rima - 15 small tournaments
StivenT - 15 small tournaments
Sampreas - 15 small tournaments
Morris - 15 small tournaments
achraf federer - banned
muster - banned
Tour Mod.

Tour issues by PM or Discord
If you don't send me a PM or DM, you might see your chances reduced. Inform me about anything that might have gone on with your matches BEFORE deadlines, otherwise, decisions won't be changed.
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