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Postby Dr.Ivo » 29 Jan 2012, 18:12

Stajus wrote:Stajus def. dr.Ivo 6-2 6-4

GG, it was closer than the score in the 1st set. The 2nd set was very close and every game reached deuces after *4-2 40-15...but I lost that game after my partner hit a DF at BP :sweat: Finally, I managed to close it out at 6-2 5-4* 40-30* for my 8th GS title :D GL in the future, you're a great player ;)

Al' nocas daleko si, daleko si, neko te drugi ima :whistle:

I should give the summary now :D He was the better player and he deserved to win, no doubt about that...he played really great when he needed to and he didnt change his level during the match, he was constantly good...i played solid, my partner was on an average level and of course it wasnt enough to beat would maybe be enough against anybody else, but against him, not even close :lol: :yes:
A lot of nice points and great shots, entertaining rallies...we both had some net cords, but not too much :mrgreen:

1.set...i started the match badly as i played the worst 3 games of the match to hand him a 3-0 lead, he used my bad period...from then on, i played really good and we held our serves until 5-2, i was happy with my level then and i was hoping to at least force him serve out the set, but he was a bit lucky in that game to break me again and seal the set :yes: :blackeye:

2.set...i dont exactly remember how the score went in the beginning of the 2nd set, but it was very tense...we played better and all the games were really close, nice level...then he managed to break me to go up 4-2, he played great at the moment and he had 40-15 in the next game, but i turned it around with some luck and good defence...i also got big help from his partner who served a DF at the BP :sweat: then i played perhaps the best game of the match to level the score at 4-4 and i was hoping i can take the set to the TB, but he responded brilliant with a perfect game at 4-4, he won it to love :applause: We had some really crazy rallies in that period of game, it was fun :D then i wasnt able to play good in the next game and he used it with his patient game, he didnt miss and forced me to make errors and hand him a match! :applause:

Nice match, it wasnt bad for me for a first GS final, pretty solid...his movement at the net is just amazing, unbelieveable, i dont know what to say...he is sometimes so unpassable that i miss balls that i normally wouldnt miss as he drives me crazy :lol: :applause: Congrats for your 8th GS, you completely deserved it...tnx for nice words, you are a great player too :lol: :yes: :applause: I hope we will play much more matches in finals, GG and GL! :wink:
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