HELP ME I'M BEGGING : how to play 1st tournament match ?

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HELP ME I'M BEGGING : how to play 1st tournament match ?

Postby Ana Ivanovic n°17 » 08 Jan 2011, 13:52

Hello i'm new here, i'm french so sorry for my bad english.

I'm scheduled to play in round 32 in AUckland tournament (against someone called Jakovic something else) but how it works? when will i know when the tournament will start? How will i be able to play against her officially in the tournament? i mean how will we meet together?
Just try to give me the most basical informations in order to make no mistakes ...

Thank you very much
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Postby Blacky » 08 Jan 2011, 17:29

you have email list on website

that email list is actually MSN list (instant messenger), so you should add your oppoenent on MSN, and then talk to him and arrange a match at time that suits you both.

For first round, you usually have time till Tuesday to play.
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