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Postby Rafa.Nadal » 20 Nov 2009, 19:16

Richou wrote:reserve for the final

Richou def Rafaa Nadal 6-2 4-6 6-3

wow. good match. well he beat me comprehensively the other day 6-2 so i was prepared to think this match would be along similar lines.

well first set i came out firing blasting winners, my return was on fire landing on the lines pretty much everywhere. my serve was working well too, pulling him off court so i could put away easy volleys.

second set was an epic fail on my part. my serve was hilarious. into the net and long so many times, my pff and lol button was getting alot of use (i appologise for that btw). and i was getting pretty nervous so i stopped being brave on 2nd serves and using safe serves which he easily put away, he was playing will with variety drop shots, blasting deep winners, combined with my poor serve it made for him being able to take a 2-5 lead which i scraped back to 4-5 but then he served out anyway.

third set was a classic. i was getting sick of my serve so i decided to change where i was standing to serve which dragged up the percentage some how. but still it wasnt enough as i made an untimely double fault on a BP and eventually he pulled out to a 3-1 lead. then my return came back strong, and his first serve got a little weaker which helped and after two or 3 bps i managed to get back on serve. however in my service game he had a bp which i saved. i then managed to serve to a 4-3 lead, and pressed hard on his serve pushing him back, he started using the drop shot in almost every point which didnt help him i must say and then broke him. i then produced what might have been the best service game of the match serving out to love.

this guys a big threat hes got all the weapons and if he plays more tournaments next yaer he'll be top 10 for sure. gg and gl next year!


Well i'm sorry i didn't post before but i was very busy.

I think that the key of this match was the serve.. it mattered alot. In the first games his serve was incredible, huge 1st servesand huge 2nd serves, i just couldn't hope that i could break. And mine wasn't good, i always use secure 2nd serve (i think i have to change that), and i haven't such regularity in my 1st so he could do big returns easily, btw he made much return winners. Moreover, i think that the guy who was dominating the point won it most of the time, so with my poor % of 1st serves and my bad 2nd serve he was dominating nearly every point and able to hit a winner.

I'm angry i couldn't keep the break i had in the 3rd set, one more time my serve wasn't good enough and it helped him.

I'm sure that i can do better :)

Congrats Dave, and cya next year ;)
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