Bucharest (Applications)

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Bucharest (Applications)

Postby Togtdyalttai » 14 Sep 2009, 19:14

The registrations for Bucharest have been opened. You can go here to register :

The surface is Clay and the winner will be rewarded with 250 ranking points.
The applications will be closed on Saturday.

Please apply for Bucharest or Metz, NOT BOTH!
2010 Singles: 66-10 (no wo (4))
2010 Doubles: 21-11
2009 Singles: 105-14 (no WO (6))
2009 Doubles: 11-8
Best Results:
'10: W: AO, Miami, Casa, Barca, Rome, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Cincy
'09: W: 13 including Rome, Madrid, RG, Wimby, Cincy, USO
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