How to play better Doubles?

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How to play better Doubles?

Postby Acid_Spot » 05 Jul 2009, 20:22

Hello everyone,
since the opening of the first Doubles Tournament has already occured,i think this topic is quite important.

Personaly i find that the information for Doubles matches is just not enough.I couldnt find a topic considering Doubles and there is a lot to be understood and improved.

Just a few questions to start off,refering to ManuTOO and the experienced players:

1.Is the '780 rule' also appied to the doubles too? Is this rule to be used with the CPU players too?
2.Does the height of the players affect the net coverige at any way?
3.Do playing with more/less topspin or counter affect the volleys?
4.Are the volleys affected by the 1 or 2 handed FH and BH or beeing a left- or righthanded?

So share everything you wanna know about playing Doubles.

I wish you all good luck :)
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crazy of the little yellow ball
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Re: How to play better Doubles?

Postby tati cornet » 06 Jul 2009, 00:49

yeah the 780 is also available for doubles and cpu player.
personnally i am often at net even in singles, and i am 155 then i don't think the height has something to do with good volleys.
two handed shots at net have the same results than on the baseline. it's harder to get the ball, but i wonder if your player tdoesn't hit it with only one hand, idk.
finally with a high topspin, your volleys is the same but the rebound is higher and then your opponent can return it easier ;)
tati cornet
crazy of the little yellow ball
crazy of the little yellow ball
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Re: How to play better Doubles?

Postby manutoo » 06 Jul 2009, 05:01


1. yes (except for the few hidden skills, that's why everybody should set the speed to 100%)
2. yes, a lil bit, coz the wingspan is wider
3. topspsin skill doesn't affect volley at all
4. no, volleys are always 1-handed, except if u run to the net after the strike has begun, in such case, u'll do a rally strike
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